Talking about climate change 🤔? Let me tell you that you should be a vegetarian 🌱 (or vegan) ðŸ¤¦ðŸ½â€â™€ï¸

I know I didn’t update the blog for a long while, and I feel bad for coming back with some negative talk. However, I feel that this should be addressed.

I’m at this brilliant one weekend conference, Level Up, and I loved it through the years, as well as at this very moment.

Nonetheless, there’s always a down side, and here’s what happened.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for taking care of the climate, but there’s so many ways we can talk about it without being hostile, right?

There’s two men and two lassies, guys talking about solar panels, industry action etc. The two lassies started with

Meat consumption. We shouldn’t eat meat. We may love it, but that’s individually what we can change, we shouldn’t eat meat.

Now I’m not saying don’t be a vegetarian or vegan. Wouldn’t be my place, nor the situation to talk about it.

However, you, as most probably a vegetarian, did take this opportunity to try and convince people that any different opinion than yours is wrong. An opinion, meat consumption is complex… Heard about bread for consumption? Heard about activists trying to get animal cruelty off the table, but not their consumption? All’s well and the least of the issues of climate change to be tackled in a one hour panel.

All I’m asking is, heard about staying on topic?

This is why people are staying away from these subjects and aren’t willing to get involved.

Because of people who use these to impose opinions when they’re not asked for, because some people feel alright to create a hostile environment through their behaviour: oh y’all don’t do as I do, no good.

However, the way the two men handled the panel was great and they gave good guidance, the two women having to adapt to the better talk. Consumerism: it kills, but is vital – the paradox, how does this tie in with climate change. Absolutely great.

Anyway, apologies for being negative here and I’ll come up with something just great as soon as possible, hopefully from the same conference, Level Up!

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