‘I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, but I do not know which half’

(J. Wannamaker) in “Semiotic answers to perennial branding troubles” by George Rossolatos, Department of English, University of Kassel, Kassel, Germany (final version received 5 February 2013)

Research method: SPI

Subjective Personal Introspection

From Holbrook, 2005: it’s an extreme form of participant observation (a.n. as the participant is your own self and thus requires a deep understanding of the working pattern of your mind) that focuses on impressionistic narrative accounts of the writer’s own private consumption experiences with a phenomenon from the viewpoint of an informed and deeply involved insider. A.n. the researcher is the only participant.

One for two…

Ad. produced in 2002… I should wait until 2022 to give it a #20Years Challenge, but I was doing some research and came across it once again.

We all know it (I guess & hope), but let us enjoy this Duval Guillaume ad once again!

Wear condoms.

2002 video quality incl. *sad smile*

(c) adland.tv:

A Silver Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Festival of June 2003
A Golden Shark at The Shark Awards at Kinsale/Ireland
Gold Award at Eurobest 2003
A Diamond Award and Gold Award for TV single at the Creative Club of Belgium in 2003

Thought you were vegan… wait for it.

‘Did he just talk to that car?’…

2016 may call for its humour back, but for those who never saw the #HyundaiSuperBowl ad. then, you’ll better take 30 sec now!

Though you may think that it’s just another ‘look, what a fast car’ ad., it’s advertising voice commands and gets a good laugh off us as well.

& more on The Chase and other Hyundai ads on AdAge https://adage.com/videos/hyundai-the-chase/713 [open in new tab].