Thought you were vegan… wait for it.

‘Did he just talk to that car?’…

2016 may call for its humour back, but for those who never saw the #HyundaiSuperBowl ad. then, you’ll better take 30 sec now!

Though you may think that it’s just another ‘look, what a fast car’ ad., it’s advertising voice commands and gets a good laugh off us as well.

& more on The Chase and other Hyundai ads on AdAge [open in new tab].

#AvoSecrets 2017 @ Super Bowl

I came across this beautiful ad from Avocados Mexico. Superbowl 2017. Funnily tapping into the subliminal advertising (fake) theory [opens in new tab], the ad should definitely be remembered!

So, for all of you who didn’t watch it until now, here’s the Youtube link.

And here’s more about it and about
Mexican Hass avocado businesses on AdAge [opens in new tab]: .